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40# Powder-Cuda APP-200X


Cuda Detergent and Parts

40# Powder-Cuda APP-200X


40# Powder-Cuda APP-200X



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40lb. Pail

Powdered concentrated Aluminum Safe detergent with exceptional cleaning capability to remove heavy grease and oil build up on parts made of aluminum or ferrous metals.

It contains corrosion inhibitors to protect parts and machine from flash rusting. New de-foamer is effective in controlling foam in the sump tank and does not leave a residue that would interfere with additional parts processes like painting or plating.

Enhanced defoaming & rust inhibitor properties.

Biodegradable and effective in removing oil, grease and carbon quickly.

Note: May not be suitable for brass or copper parts

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  • Non Caustic - Protects your parts washer.
  • Highly Concentrated - A little goes a long way, dilution ratio up to 1-4oz per gallon.
  • Biodegradable - Peace of mind that it's ecologically acceptable.
  • Versatile - Extra load of softening agents, so it works well with hard or soft water.
  • Fast Acting - Hot water activated formula.
  • Competitively Priced  - Excellent value & Economical cost per gallon.
  • Extra Corrosion Inhibitors - Provide added protection against flash rusting.
  • No Foam, Quick release - Non-foaming, quick release surfactants insures performance and oil separation for skimming.

Best to Remove:

  • Oil & Grease
  • Burnt Hydrocarbons
  • Scale
  • Varnish
  • Carbon
  • Mastic
  • Rubber

Applications Include:

  • Diesel Engines
  • Aerospace Components
  • Aluminum Automobile Engine Parts

Also Available in 100lb & 450lb Containers.


  • Formulation -  An extra-strength, high—but buffered— alkaline blend designed for maximum performance in soak tanks and automatic parts washers. Non-caustic detergent for ferrous and aluminum parts.
  • Biodegradability - Fully biodegradable and contains no caustic soda (sodium hydroxide).
  • pH at 4 Oz in 1 Gal - 12.2
  • Foaming Action - Non-foaming
  • Water Conditioning for Hard Water (TDS) - Yes - High tolerance for hard water
  • Dilution Ratio - 1-4 oz. Per Gallon
  • Color - White powder
  • Scent - Sweet
  • Corrosion - APP-200X contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect against corrosion and flash rusting
  • Product Safety:  OSHA / WHMIS / GHS Compliant
  • Smog & Ozone:  This product does not contain photo chemically reactive ingredients that contribute to smog or attack the Earth's ozone layer.

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

Refund & Return Policy:  All Sales Are Final