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1256 East Prospect Avenue
Marion, WI, 54950
United States


Site Description


We are the factory authorized sales and service representatives for CUDA, Magido & PMW Parts Washers. The industry leader in aqueous parts washing solutions in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upper Michigan, Northern Illinois and NE Iowa.  We sell parts washers, parts, accessories, detergents and rust inhibitors.

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TPS Products is the leading standard in parts washing solutions.  We are CUDA’s #1 dealer and a top distributor of Magido, PMW and Pro Ultrasonics parts washers.  With over 25 years in the parts washing industry, we’ll have you covered with service, parts and detergent.

We service most brands of water-based parts washers you might have.  We repair and provide scheduled service to prevent interruptions and keep your workforce productive.

We also provide Karcher commercial pressure washers and floor care, as well as sweepers and scrubbers.

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Watch the following 3 minute video to see how your facility can benefit from a Cuda Parts Washer.


Before and after pictures of a 3400 lb part washed in a Cuda 4860.

Before & After - 10 Minutes in a Cuda 2530

More before and after photos.