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Why Cuda

Not all water based parts washers are the same

Our introductory 2412 110V machine cleaned this caked on grease in just 10 minutes!  Hang on to some of your really dirty parts then call us and let us come and show you how easy to get your parts this clean is!

Our introductory 2412 110V machine cleaned this caked on grease in just 10 minutes!  Hang on to some of your really dirty parts then call us and let us come and show you how easy to get your parts this clean is!

The one that is clean was cleaned in the Cuda 2412 110V parts washer for about 3 minutes, the one that is still dirty was cleaned in the Safety-Kleen AQ-1 parts washer for 5 minutes.

The one that is clean was cleaned in the Cuda 2412 110V parts washer for about 3 minutes, the one that is still dirty was cleaned in the Safety-Kleen AQ-1 parts washer for 5 minutes.

Over 40 reasons to choose a CUDA parts washer

1. Small Footprint:  Less shop space used
2. Large Wheels with Axles:  Easy to move about and durable
3. 1.5-Inch Drain:  Permits sludge to exit when cleaning
4. Sloped Sumo Bottom:  Facilitates quick draining of waste-water
5. Large Removal Access Covers:  Unobstructed access for easy cleaning
6. Patented 'Neck Down' Design:  Filters debris from washing solution
7. Removal Debris Screen:  Easy recovery of small parts that might accidentally fall from the wash area
8. Roll-in Door Design:  Saves space and doesn't drip water onto floor or feet when opening; permits easy access when loading parts; no door sagging
9. Mechanical Door Seal:  Specially designed to keep heat and water inside the wash chamber; doesn't sag or droop
10. Simple Control Panel:  Easy to understand and operate; located at eye level
11. Vertical Shaft Motor & Pump:  No cavitation; positive flow; easy to access and work on if repairs are needed
12. East Access Electrical Box:  Time savings when servicing or installing the equipment
13. Powder Coat & Textured Paint:  Durable and easy to clean
14. Plug & Play Option Ready:  Options not originally sold can be installed later in the field as an upgrade
15. Safety Door Cut-Off Switch:  Protects operator by stopping all wash action immediately when door is opened
16. Adjustable Door:  Door can be adjusted to compensate for normal usage
17. Retractable Intermediate Spray Bar:  Permits operator to clean smaller parts and use a spray arm double basket option
18. “C” Spray Bar Configuration:  360- degree wash coverage for cleaner parts
19. Large Steam Vent:  Allows parts to “flash dry” to avoid rusting
20. Low-Water Shut-Off:  Prevents damage to heating element due to low water level
21. Low-Water Warning Light:  Alerts operator when water level has dropped too low
22. 12-Hour Heater Timer:  Automatic shut-off to protect parts washer against operator neglect; also promotes safety
23. 1-Hour Wash Timer:  Permits operator to increase wash time, if needed, but not abuse
24. 30-Minute Oil Skimmer Timer:  Automatically turns off oil skimmer when it is no longer needed; saves energy
25. Turntable On/Off Switch:  Permits more detailed washing
26. Removable Parts Tree:  Permits operator to hang parts from the tree for even more effective cleaning
27. Removable Containment Ring:  Keeps parts from sliding off of turntable
28. Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer:  Extends the life of the wash water by removing oil from the cleaning solution
29. Corporate Support:  Distributors and end- users can purchase and operate equipment with confidence that strict manufacturing standards were adhered to and service support will be there for the long term
30. Top Brand Components:  Proven dependability; peace of mind
31. Environmentally Friendly & Solvent Free:  Operator is not exposed to toxic fumes nor is skin exposed to hazardous solvents
32. Certified to Meet UL & CSA Standards:  Meets federal electrical standards for operator assurance and owner liability protection
33. Chain Driven Turntable:  Positive and depend- able drive system with slip pulley design protects the motor in the event of jammed parts
34. 12-To-14 Gauge Steel Cabinet:  Durable, depend- able, long lasting
35. Machined Swivel Intermediate Spray Bar:  Swivel is machined to tight tolerances to prevent grit and corrosion from damaging the swivel
36. Stainless Steel Turntable Hub:  Handles side loading and prevents bearings from freezing up
37. Locking Door Latch Lever:  Positive lock prevents door from opening on its own while in wash mode
38. User Friendly:  Simple as a dishwasher, operation easy to understand
39. Fully Automated:  Saves time, money and permits the operator to perform revenue-producing tasks while parts are being washed
40. Marketed Through Cuda Distributors:  Your equipment is backed by experts in the field because they devote 100% of their time to solving cleaning needs and challenges
41. Backed by Million-Dollar Liability Insurance:  Protects the customer, distributor and manufacturer in case of an accident
42. One-Year Parts Warranty:  Replacement parts are free for the first year as long as they did not fail due to neglect or abuse
43. Up to One Year Labor Warranty:  90-day labor warranty policy is automatically extended to one-year when end-user uses Cuda detergents exclusively
44. Knowledgeable Distributor Network:  Cuda distributors know the ins and outs of the parts washer business and offer cleaning solutions



Jeff - Service Manager
August 20th, 2012 | Brooks Tractor - West Salem, WI

We have a Cuda 4860, manufactured machine. the last few years we used other brand of soap in our washer.

TPS Products sales rep Ken, stopped by and asked us to try the new Cuda powder soap & rust inhibitor. After several pails of trying it, we find less corrosion problems and our parts are cleaned better and faster.

We will continue using the Cuda soap and rust inhibitor.


Brian Uttecht
September 18th, 2006 | Lloyd's Auto - Wausau, WI

We purchased our Renegade parts washer from Tim Silvius our local distributor in December of 2002. It worked well when we first got it and Tim and his customer service department took good care of us.

About a year later Tim went to work at the main office, and while they tried to service us from factory, it was not the same as having a local rep. We had to pay shipping for all the products we ordered, and the staff was not very knowledgeable. Sometime later we began experiencing electrical problems with our machine and getting technical support over the phone was difficult at best. We also noticed the soap did not clean as well as when we first bought the machine. Frankly we had become very disappointed in the service we received from the factory and the cleaning performance of the soap.

Recently, Tim left his job at the main office to become a distributor again. He called on us and was shocked to hear of the problems we had been having. With his assistance we got the parts we needed to fix our machine. He also left us with a new soap that cleans much better than the Renegade soap did. In fact in my opinion, the Renegade soap was like cleaning with just hot water where as the soap Tim has cleans great, leaves no residue, and is not hard on our hands. He also left us with a soap for our automatic parts washer that cleans better than any we've tried in years.

In closing I would like to say I would not hesitate to recommend Tim Silvius of TPS Products to any one who has a Renegade or other water based parts washer. His customer service calls us on a regular basis and, unlike many companies, they do everything they say they are going to do. He is knowledgeable of the machines and provides great product and services at a very fair price. In most cases he delivers in person with no charge for
shipping, and his prices are actually less than what the factory charges.

I would also like to say that this letter was unsolicited and neither I nor anyone else at our company received anything in return for this letter.