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PUZZI 8-1 C.jpg

Handy and compact

The handy, compact and powerful Puzzi 8/1 C spray extraction cleaner is ideal for small areas and interim cleaning with excellent cleaning results.

Smart Features:

  • 8' high-pressure solution and vacuum hose

  • Removable dirty water tank

  • Foot switch makes it easy to turn on and off

  • Transparent dome lid for easy-to verify operation

  • Swivel casters for easy maneuvering

  • Lightweight - only 20 lbs

NT 25/1 AP

Continuous performance and power

The NT 25/1 Ap is a commercial grade dust extractor that provides dependable, trouble-free operation due to a semi-auto filtration system and the capability to switch from wet to dry work without swapping filters.

Smart features

  • Semi-Auto Filter Clean System

  • Accessory/suction hose storage

NT 25-1 AP.jpg


Stronger and sturdier than ever

This powerful vacuum cleaner picks up coarse dirt and liquids as well as large quantities of fine dust. Tact, the fully automatic cleaning system, cleans the filter with strong air blasts. It is ideal for long periods of uninterrupted use and constant high suction power.

Smart features:

  • Tact auto cleaning filter system

  • On-board accessory storage

  • No filters to install or remove

  • Electronic tank level monitor

NT 30-1 TACT TE.jpg


Rugged dependability that gets the job done.

The NT 40/1 Tact Te has the power to get the job done. The motor of the machine has no carbon brushes—ideal for the rigors of industrial use. If features a life expectancy of over 5,000 hours.

Smart features:

  • Tact auto cleaning filter system

  • Drain hose allows user to empty unit directly into a drain

  • Metal wand, floor tool and washable nylon filter are Included

  • Crush resistant hose stows conveniently on top for storage

NT 40-1 TACT TE.jpg


Fully compliant and easy to use

The NT 50/1 Tact Te includes an improved Tact automatic filter cleaning system - improved cleaning performance and reduced noise level. It is fully compliant with OSHA silica dust regulations.

Smart features:

  • Tact auto cleaning filter system

  • Wider, inner diameter of vacuum hose: 1-3/8"

  • On-board storage of accessories

  • Crush resistant hose stows conveniently on top for storage

NT 50-1 TACT TE.jpg

NT 48/1

Standard class – high suction

This standard class wet and dry vacuum cleaner is ideal for wet and dry vacuuming of small areas with powerful suction performance. Robust, affordable and versatile, it effortlessly picks up dirt and liquid and is ideal for the contract cleaner and automotive industry.

Smart features:

  • Optional wet filter bags for water pick up

  • Drain hose

  • Electronic tank level monitor

NT 48-1.jpg

NT 68/1

Designed with water pick-up in mind

The NT 68/1 offers more efficient water pick up with its front mounted and self-adjusting squeegee assembly. Its unique 18 gallon capacity is designed to empty complete without the need for tipping.

Smart features:

  • 24” Front-mounted squeegee

  • On-board tool and safety sign storage

  • Large transport wheels

  • Ergonomic and durable powder-coated handle

  • Crush-proof hose

NT 68-1.jpg