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1256 East Prospect Avenue
Marion, WI, 54950
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KM 70-20 C.jpg

KM 70/20 C

Lightweight and simple – for quick clean-ups

The KM 70/20 C is ideal for sweeping small areas indoors and outdoors. It cleans better and faster than a broom and is almost dust-free thanks to the controlled air flow and integrated dust filter.

Durable & Efficient

  • Roller broom driven via both wheels

  • Direct-throw sweeping

  • Limited slip differential drive system

  • Adjustable side broom and roller broom

  • Dust filter cleans the exhaust air and prevents dust creation while sweeping

Model Cleaning Path Width w/ 1 Side Broom Width w/ 2 Side Brooms Drive Max. Area Performance Sweeping Method Waste Container Weight Dimensions
KM 70/20 C 28” 18.8” - Manual 30,000 Sq Ft Hr Direct Throw 11gal / 1.5 Cubic Ft 51 lbs 51 x 30 x 41
KM 70/20 C 2SB 38” 18.8” 38” Manual 39.600 Sq Ft Hr Direct Throw 11gal / 1.5 Cubic Ft 57 lbs 51 x 38 x 41

KM 70/30 C BP ADV

Compact, convenient and universal

The extremely compact and efficient KM 70/30 C Bp Adv sweeps silently. Main roller broom and side broom with electric drive – cleans right into the corners, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Productive Sweeping

  • Electric suction fan for removing fine dust from the waste container.

  • Fine dust suction can be switched off for sweeping in wet weather.

  • Electrically powered main roller broom and side broom

  • Continuously adjustable roller broom and side broom

  • Easy to use program selector switch

KM 70-30 C BP ADV.jpg
Cleaning Path Width w/ 1 Side Broom Drive Power Max. Area Performance Waste Container Filter Area Charging Time Operating Time Weight Dimensions
28” 28 Battery 12 V / 150 Watts 30,800 Sq Ft Hr 11gal / 1.5 Cubic Ft 945” Sq 12 Hr 3.5 Hr 105 lbs w/out Battery 50 x 28 x 45

KM 75/40 W BP

Clean entry into the walk-behind class

Compact and agile, the KM 75/40 W Bp cleans small to medium- sized areas with excellent results. With convenient traction drive and powerful vacuum system, available with silent battery-powered motor.

Easy To Use:

  • Over throw sweeping system with an easily removable hopper makes emptying quick and efficient

  • Roller broom changeover without tools

  • Air is vacuumed through a high-efficiency automotive style filter

  • Efficient filter cleaning system with clean filter replacement without tools

KM 75-40 W BP.jpg
Width w/ 1 Side Broom Drive Max. Area Performance Waste Container Power Source Sweeping Method Climbing Ability Working Speed Filter Area Weight Dimensions
30” DC Motor – 5hp – 400 Watts 36,328 Sq Ft Hr 10.5gal / 1.4 Cubic Ft 2 x 12V 70 ah AGM Batteries Overthrow 12.00% 2.8 MPH 2,790” Sq 172 lbs w/out Battery 56 x 30 x 47