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1256 East Prospect Avenue
Marion, WI, 54950
United States


Site Description

PMW 812 Models

PMW Model 812 812A 812B 812C 812D 812E 812G
Turntable Diameter 36'' 40'' 48'' 54'' 60'' 72''
Working Height 54" 60'' 60'' 60'' 60'' 60''
Load Capacity 1000 lbs 2000 lbs 2000 lbs 2000 lbs 2000 lbs 2000 lbs
Shipping Weight 3500 lbs 4500 lbs 5500 lbs 6000 lbs 6500 lbs 7500 lbs
Size 102"H x 76"W x 66"D 108"H x 80"W x 70"D 108"H x 88"W x 78"D 108"H x 96"W x 84"D 108"H x 110"W x 96"D 108"H x 120"W x 108"D

PWM 812 Options

Wheel type oil skimmer.

Head rack.

Gas heat.

Low water shut off.

Auto fill.

Bag house filter system.

20 HP-230 V-3 Phase

15 HP-230/460 V 3 Phase

15 HP-575 V 3 Phase

20-HP 460 V 3 Phase

20-HP 575 V 3 Phase

Pump Upgrade to 25 HP

230 V 3 Phase Power

Auto Refill

Oil Skimmer w/ 60 Min Timer

Oil Skimmer w/ 7-day Timer

15" Small Parts basket

Lower Spray Bar

Large Head Rack

Double Deck Table w/Spray Bar

Transmission Rack

Gas Heat

Low Water Auto Shut-Off

Shop Air Blow Off Cycle

Exhaust Blower

HD 12" SS Oil Skimmer w/ 60 Min. Timer

HD 20" SS Oil Skimmer w/ 60 Min. Timer

Digital Timers All Cycles

DEMA Injector Valve Water Line

Recirculating 2nd Stage w/3 HP Pump, Heat, and Auto Divert

Recirculating 2nd Stage w/5 HP Pump, Heat, and Auto Divert

Increased Work Height for each 6"

Auto Indexing Turntable

Pressure Control Valve W/ Gauge

Fresh Water Rinse W/ Auto Divert

Z Plate Oil Separator

Bag house Filter for 25 hp. and up

Low Pressure Steam heating

Additional 18 kW Heater