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Safe, Effective Cleaning with Cuda Parts Washer Biodegradable Detergents

With Cuda you'll find a family of detergents that are carefully formulated by detergent chemists, blended specifically for Cuda parts washers and manufactured in our own facility.

Cuda parts washer soap is engineered to speed the cleaning process and give you superior results in a wide range of applications.  Cuda detergents contain advanced formulas engineered specifically for use in aqueous parts washers.  there are Cuda products fir both automatic and manual parts washers.  Cuda advanced formulas include an exclusive multi-meal corrosion inhibitor package for rust-protection of all wetted surfaces.

The 90-day labor warranty for all Cuda washers is extended to a 1-year labor warranty when Cuda parts washer detergents are used exclusively.

Detergents and Additives

Cuda Super Clean aka APP-1000:  An all-purpose powered concentrate automatic parts washer detergent effective in cleaning heavy grease and oil build up.  It contains a corrosion inhibitor for protection against corrosion and flash rusting.  Made for parts of ferrous metal.  Not intended for soft metals

Cuda Super Clean Plus aka SMP-1000:  An all-purpose powdered concentrate automatic parts washer detergent specially formulated for use on soft metals.  It penetrates and clean hard to remove grease, oil, tar and carbon based deposits.  Made for soft metal, such as aluminum, copper, brass and other non-ferrous metals.

Cuda Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor:  The ideal rust-inhibitor for parts washers.  It resists corrosion of both wetted surfaces and metal surfaces exposed to steam.  Most detergents have inhibitors that work only in the liquid phase, but Cuda Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor will blend with steam providing total protection.

Cuda Defoamer:  A biodegradable defoamer for reducing and controlling foam buildup in the sump solution of a parts washer.  Can be used with all Cuda products and does not interfere with the detergent cleaning performance.

Cuda Phosphatizer:  A complete one-step detergent and phosphatizing system for cleaning metal parts and preparing them for painting.  It is a biodegradable cleaner and phosphatizer foriron and steel designed specifically for in Cuda Industrial Parts Washers, and for spray, dip or wipe-on cleaning and phos-phatizing.  Cuda Phosphatizer cleans equally well in hard or soft water and is formulated with a unique combination of cleaning agents and defoamers that make it a long lasting economical solution to use.

Keteca Water Works Storm Ultra:  When Low Residue Is A Must!  Keteca Storm Ultra mild alkaline cabinet wash solution is a high performance spray wash detergent system designed to be effective in cleaning without leaving a chalky residue and will not foam at temps over 125° - 150° F.  Keteca Storm Ultra is a safe on aluminum and contains corrosion inhibitors to protect your parts.

TPS Exclusive Detergents

TPS A100S -  Highly concentrated biodegradable general purpose detergent for use in automatic parts washers.  Contains water-softening agents, rust inhibitors and high temperature surfactants.  Controls foam naturally without the use of silicone and is highly effective on grease and oils.  Long-lasting effectiveness and is economical to use.

TPS M100 - Readily biodegradable, moderate pH, water-based detergent formulated for use in a Heated manual washer or aqueous parts sink.  Removes grease, oil and grime.  It can be used on most surfaces, including steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper and plastics.  Pleasant citrus scent.