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1256 East Prospect Avenue
Marion, WI, 54950
United States


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Used Equipment

Alkota Automatic Parts Washer - $3000

Ted Silvius

Alkota Model 110, also known as PMW Model 110
230V 3 phase machine
In good working order, we have fixed all the necessary issues.

The pump, heater, oil skimmer, turntable, all work.  The plumbing and nozzles are all clean and free of debris and this machine has strong flow and pressure.
The machine is on wheels and rolls very easily.
This machines uses an alkaline detergent to clean parts which we have available.

It did have a flo-thru brush option that we did not feel it was necessary to fix, as this is an automatic parts washer, like a dish washer, why would you want to wash parts by hand?
But if you want that part working we can certainly do that for an added cost.

Here are the Specs:

  • 24" turntable diameter x 18" working height x 300# load limit
  • 2 Hp Pump
  • 4.5 kw heater
  • Sump capacity 25 gals.
  • Outside dimensions are 40"W x 34"D x 52"H
  • Weight is 530 Lbs

You can see by the pics its a decent used machine, not all rusty like some that you see.
$3000.00 cash which is less than half the price of a new one!
Available for immediate pick-up or we can arrange delivery.